Copy That Sells.
Content That Inspires.

If you need to convert prospects into leads,
Or convert leads into paying customers…
If you want to establish thought leadership,
And earn loyalty to your brand…

It doesn’t matter if it’s wildly creative or strictly formal, copy has one job to do: get measurable results for your business.

Whether you’re a B2B marketer trying to convince an IT Director to read your new white paper, or if you’re a B2C marketer sending your social media followers to a landing page…


If you want to achieve your sales and marketing goals, you need persuasive copy.

And to get persuasive copy, you need a copywriter passionate and knowledgeable about selling.


That’s where I come in.


I help marketers by writing winning copy for both web and print mediums. I handle a variety of projects. Projects like…



Lead Generation and Sales Copy

Sales Letters, Direct Mail Packages,

Websites, Landing Pages, Online Ads,

Email, Autoresponders, and Video Sales Letters


Content Writing

Articles, Blog Posts,

Newsletters, Audio-Visual Scripts,

Case Studies, and White Papers


If you need sparkling copy that convinces customers to eagerly click Subscribe, Share, or Buy, then we should talk. I’d be happy to help you achieve your business goals.


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What People Say About Keith

“Keith Baker helped me turn around an eLearning project with last minute notice and a very tight deadline. He asked great questions and helped me uncover issues with the script. I was immediately put at ease, knowing that I had a real pro on my team. I was very happy with the end product, and will use Keith’s services in the future.” — Kathleen Batcheller


“Keith possesses enormous intellectual and artistic gifts and is an individual of remarkable and unimpeachable integrity, warmth, kindness and gravitas. His level of probity and curiosity, coupled with his exemplary work ethic is impressive and rare.” — Wayman Chin


“Keith is one of the most responsible, level-headed, yet creative people I have ever known. He is a very organized individual as well. If Keith says he will do something, you can trust that he will do it.” — John Morrison


“Keith is impressive in his subject area expertise and meticulous planning. I found him to be conscientious, intelligent, creative and professional.” — Dave LaFontana


“Without reservation, I highly recommend Keith Baker.” — Joseph Mullaney