About Me

About Me


I make complex topics easy to understaIMG_002nd.

Confused customers don’t purchase. For that reason, copy must be clear and it must communicate clearly — especially when the subject matter is difficult.

Explaining difficult things to other people is a skill I developed as a teacher. I have plenty of practice simplifying abstract and technical subjects.

For example, while earning my Masters degree in music composition, I taught digital audio and digital signal processing concepts to both undergraduate and graduate students. Together, the students represented several different countries.

For application, I had them use audio programming languages like Csound and SuperCollider. After using those languages to generate synthetic sounds, the resulting audio files were imported into digital audio workstations like Pro Tools and Logic Pro for use in musical compositions.

The difficult subject matter demanded that students develop both technical and creative skills — but all students passed the course, despite linguistic barriers.


I focus on results.

Creative copy can be effective. But if a serious and straightforward approach will result in more sales, then that’s what I recommend. When available data doesn’t indicate which would be better, I don’t guess — I test.

Good copywriting is about persuading people to take action — namely, spending money. Or downloading a white paper or subscribing to a newsletter…and eventually spending money. I never lose sight of that.

Here’s something I believe in strongly: if someone enlists my services and trusts me enough to write a check, it’s my duty to ensure that every penny spent is leveraged to maximum effect.


I thrive under pressure.

I’m happy to take on tough projects that other writers shy away from — like projects that directly ask for a sale.

I suppose it’s due to my background. On multiple occasions, I’ve performed music in front of crowds numbering in the thousands, and I’m used to speaking in front of large crowds. I’ve trained myself to use pressure to enhance performance.

Another reason? I’m a competitive guy. I like to win.


I view selling as helping a friend solve a problem.

Many people think “selling” is a dirty word. But I see selling for what it is in its best form — solving someone’s else problems and receiving value in return for the value being given.

If a customer’s best interests are kept at heart, if promises are kept, and if the product or service genuinely solves a customer’s problems, there is nothing unethical about selling.

Many writers would rather have teeth pulled without an anesthetic than ask someone to spend money. I have no such problem.


I’m friendly and professional.

Despite being competitive and results-driven, I’m easy to get along with. Life and business should be enjoyed. We’re here on Earth for a short time, so why not make every interaction as pleasant and rewarding as possible?


Outside business hours

When I’m not busy writing copy, I’m composing and performing music, enjoying a leisurely walk down a wooded path, or pushing for a new personal record at pull-ups.

I also adore spoiling my nieces and nephews, who love unicorns, fairies, Spider Man, Minions, dinosaurs, and kitties.