What Does It Cost To Hire You?

It depends upon the type and scope of the copy you’d like me to write.

To receive a Free Estimate or to receive a copy of my Fee Schedule, click here and fill out the form. Or, send an email to keith@keithbakercopywriter.com and include your project details.

Keep in mind that the Fee Schedule doesn’t take into account the specifics of your project. Even so, it will give you an idea of what to expect (and it will serve as a handy reference for your future planning).


When will I get my copy?

The typical turnaround time is between 2 – 4 weeks, assuming that you provide all of the information I need to write the copy — original research may require more time and will be subject to additional fees. Larger projects and projects with unique requirements may need more time or other arrangements.

For first-time clients, the turnaround time is usually 3 – 4 weeks. This gives me the time needed to understand your company and marketing objectives. Taking that time allows me to supply you the best copy possible.

I take pride in my work, and I like to review and edit your copy until every word is perfect. That said, I know sometimes you may need your copy as quickly as possible. If that’s the case, just let me know the date you need the finished copy. If I agree to do the project, I guarantee that you’ll receive the copy on time.


What If I’d Like Revisions?

No problem. You are entitled to two free revisions, as long as they are assigned within 30 days of the initial delivery of your copy, and as long as they are not based upon a change in the assignment.

Please be specific about what you’d like to have changed, and I’ll get the revisions to you as soon as I can. Please use the Word Tracking feature for your revision requests.

Since there are so many factors outside of my control that can influence the results of your marketing efforts, neither I or anyone else can ethically guarantee that you’ll achieve specific results with any copy you order. But I do guarantee that you will be satisfied with your copy before testing.


Can We Meet?

Meetings are not included as part of the service, nor or they included in my fees. Business is conducted by mail, email, and phone. If an exception is required, additional terms and fees will apply (please send an email for more information).


Phone Calls By Appointment? What’s Up With That?

Creative work is a unique animal. The creation process is different for everyone.

For myself, I am most effective first thing in the morning. I’ve also learned that I create the best copy when I have a dedicated block of time to work, without interruptions.

To ensure I create your copy to the best of my ability and deliver it on time, I have structured my working hours to take advantage of when I’m at my best. For that reason, phone calls are by appointment.

But don’t worry! I reserve time daily for calls, both for active-projects and inquiries. Send an email to keith@keithbakercopywriter.com and I’ll reserve your time, for the same day or next.

I typically schedule calls in the afternoon (EST), as needed. If phone time isn’t requested, I will use that as “bonus” time to work on your copy. If you need to speak to me outside my normal hours, just indicate that in your email. I’m happy to accommodate you.

For active-projects, I guarantee same-day phone appointments if you send an email by 1 PM, EST. If your project requires frequent updates, you can arrange to have regularly scheduled calls, no extra charge.

While this phone policy may seem unusual at first, you’ll enjoy:

  • Not worrying about missed calls or phone tag
  • Having a guaranteed time to discuss your needs
  • My undivided attention during your call
  • Knowing that I am working on your copy without interruption, guaranteeing I get it done effectively and on time


How Do I Make A Purchase Or Learn More?

If you’d like me to write copy for you, or if you’d like to get more information, the process is simple.

Fill out the form, or send an email to keith@keithbakercopywriter.com. Tell me a little about your company, your target market, and the objective of the copy. I’ll respond either the same day or the next. If you’d like, we can also schedule a phone appointment to discuss your needs. This won’t cost you anything, and there’s no obligation.

Send me any materials that may be helpful for completing your project: your current control, URLs, brochures, customer surveys, and other materials. The more you send, the better. I’ll arrange all of the information, so don’t worry about doing it yourself. If I have any questions, I’ll contact you to make sure everything is in order.

After that, all I need is for you to send a deposit and give me the green light on the project. I’ll then get to work on your copy and have it delivered to you on time. And remember: the copy is guaranteed to satisfy you.